Sunday Night Rejoicings

Today was a different sort of Sunday for me. I had the joy and honor of returning this morning with the lovely Robin to The Salvation Army Center Hill Corps in Cincinnati/Finneytown, where she and I ministered as corps officers from 1983-1987. We reunited with old friends (SO good to see them all!) and enjoyed warm and welcoming fellowship. I taught on "Recovering Your Spiritual Vitality," from 2 Kings 6:1-7, and what a joy it was to share that word. I believe God used it, as he used the worship and fellowship of the morning to bless me.

After a sumptuous lunch with scrumptious friends (yeah, I don't know if friends can be scrumptious; just work with me here), we returned home and then at 7:00 JUST made it in time for the start of "The Third," Cobblestone's Sunday evening high-octane worship experience.

Con Brio did an amazing job leading worship. As our worship pastor, Sharla, blogged today (I poached the photo above from her blog), "they played with excellence as they usually do...and wow, let's talk about the girls today, Nina and Andrea, they both knocked their songs, "We Cry Out", "Rooftops", and "Rain Down" out of the park." What a blessing.

Andrew Holzworth brought a great message, the second in the series, "Follow the Leader," and as always this growing group of (mostly) young worshipers just filled the place with warmth and worship that does a pastor's heart good.

I hope the church was blessed and encouraged today, as we attempted to show the whole Body some of the excitement and joy that characterizes The Third, week after week. And I hope the leaders of The Third were encouraged by everyone's response; they are so sacrificially faithful and faithfully sacrificial, week after week, to share God's love. How I thank God for them all.

I already can't wait to be back in the saddle next Sunday as we begin a brand new series at Cobblestone.

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