What a blessing it was to worship this morning at Cobblestone Community Church! I attended with my father (who has been almost four weeks now in residence at Westover Retirement Community in Hamilton), and am not sure I could have been more blessed.

How many men have the honor and beauty and joy of sitting next to their ninety-year-old father in church while their twenty-seven-year-old son leads him in worship...and then following the celebration be embraced with excitement by their three-year-old grandson (proudly holding a fishing pole--with a magnet as a 'hook'--from his Bible lesson of the morning!)?

And I nearly climbed out of my skin into the seventh heaven in singing "You Won't Relent," "Let the Worshipers Arise," and "Oh, How He Loves" this morning!

Pastor John Johnson delivered the final installment in the "ReFuel" series, and BOY was it good! I had never before considered the choice of Jesus' metaphor in Revelation 3:20 in quite that way. Matter of fact, I hear him knocking right now...just in time for an evening snack! :)

So I'm definitely refueled tonight. My tank is full. I'm so blessed to be part of such a wonderful church that provides such amazing worship and teaching and fellowship and opportunities for service.

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