The Top Ten Signs the Apocalypse is Near

Here's the Top Ten list I shared last Sunday in the intro to my message, "The Last Word on Politics," from Revelation 12-14.

10. LeBron James is gonna play for the “Heat.” Hello, symbolism, anyone?

9. Oil spill in the Gulf is now in the shape of Jesus.

8. Massachusetts elected a Republican senator. No, really.

7. Barney the dinosaur now wears a hooded black cape and carries a big ol' scythe.

6. Cockroaches are building little tiny bleachers all over the place to watch the end when it comes.

5. The Reds were in first place at the All-Star Break.

4. Your GPS announces "Right turn. Now approaching…Apocalypse."

3. Larry King is retiring. He was there at the beginning, he'll be there at the End.

2. Uncle Harvey’s trick knee is acting up something awful.

And the number one sign of the approaching apocalypse:

1. McDonald's sign reads "Over 666 billion sold."