Sunday Night Rejoicings

Once again, I am glad to have gone up to the house of the Lord. I honestly grieve for those who did not, or do not.

Today at Cobblestone, I got to welcome numerous first-time attenders, and others welcomed more, I know.

I do believe today was the first time I preached on a four-chapter portion of the Bible (Revelation 15-18). I hope and think it was intelligible.

It was fun to irritate my son (and others, I'm sure) by playing R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World As We Know It" in the celebrations this morning!

What a joy it was to have someone tell me today that, following last week's message, she went home and called her mother and, long story short, witnessed to her and urged her toward salvation. Talk about immediate application and obedience! I KNOW that pleases God.

Another sister told me, after I mentioned this morning that I pray that this recession will be the means by which the Church wakes up and starts living according to Kingdom values instead of the values of this world, that God has been doing exactly that in her life and heart and budget!

Another friend came up and told me he and his family plan to join the church! He effused about the biblical teaching we offer at Cobblestone!

This coming Saturday, we'll be doing our Back to School Bash, giving away three hundred backpacks filled with school supplies to area schoolchildren in need! I'm so grateful to the Cobblestone flock for their support of this effort, in contributing funds and stepping up to volunteer at the Bash itself.

I LOVE my church! I LOVE the outreaches we do (and have planned!). I LOVE the people. I LOVE the music we sing. I LOVE our servants. I LOVE our prayer warriors. I LOVE it all. Thank you, God!

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