Leadership Prayers

Richard Kriegbaum's Leadership Prayers is a beautiful, thoughtful, and insightful book on leadership. I have read it several times, and highly recommend it.

Dr. Kriegbaum, who wrote these prayers during his twelve-year tenure as president of Fresno Pacific University, prays and writes with striking sincerity, vulnerability, and clarity. The prayers are titled by subject: Wisdom, Delegation, Fear, Weariness, Planning, Courage, Failure, Creativity, and so on. For example, here is an excerpt from the prayer, "Weariness":
I acted as though I could not trust you to bring the success I longed and prayed for. I acted as though I had to do it all by myself. I wanted it whether you did or not. In the process I disrespected you, presuming to take your place.

With hubris I worked as though I had no normal human limits. I am sorry for it, Father. I am feeling very human now, and my limits are more clear. I ask your Spirit to guide me back to my proper boundaries, not for my ease or comfort, but so I can lead in humble faith.
Though the occasional references to his life and work as a university president don't always hit the nail on the head for me, Kriegbaum's leadership prayers will not only help and encourage anyone in leadership, they may even teach him or her to pray. They are an excellent example, and an outstanding model.

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