More Questions Than Answers

I love the approach of Eleanor Shepherd in More Questions Than Answers. I loved it long before the book was published, when the author described it to me at a conference we were both attending.

Her concepts of "spiritual accompaniment" and "transformational listening" strike me as a far more Christlike (not to mention effective) way of sharing our faith than most of us have learned, tried, and taught (a point Shepherd makes in her Chapter 13, "The Perfect Example of Spiritual Accompaniment"). I would love to see this book gain a wide readership (actually, it already seems to have done so, judging from the endorsements in the front matter from university presidents, television producers, denominational leaders, authors, and other clearly important people).

Though at times the writing is a bit heady for a lunkhead like me (with words like "synchronicity" and "modality"), the author's vision and passion shine through--compellingly. If the church in the twenty-first century could possibly make More Questions Than Answers required reading, I honestly believe we might see a Great Awakening like none before.

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