Pray Without Ceasing

The lovely Robin and I just returned home from two weeks in Peru and a week in Tennessee, combining a church mission trip with some vacation time. Inexpressibly memorable.

Before we left for Peru, I spent some time categorizing the five years of entries in my prayer blog ( In doing so, I realized how much prayer carried me through my discouragement, disappointment, and even depression of 2008. I'm soooo glad I was so honest in praying, because going back over 2008 and 2007 provided a map and a timeline of those emotional and spiritual travels--and also drove home how much of an anchor prayer was for me through it all! I knew, of course, that I prayed more than ever before during that time; I guess I just never saw so vividly, all painted on a single canvas so to speak, the full picture of those prayers.

That underscores for me (again) the value of a prayer blog, or prayer journal.

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