Twenty-two Jobs

Inspired by Tony Morgan's blog (, at which he posted "10 Jobs I’d Consider Taking Now that I Don’t Work at a Church" and followed it up with "10 Jobs That I Will Never Take," I thought it would be fun to consider:

11 Jobs I’d Consider Taking If I Weren't a Pastor and Qualifications Weren't a Problem

Writer (duh, right?)
Magazine editor
Seminary professor
Israel tour guide
Radio DJ
TV news anchor
Simcha Jacobovici's replacement as The Naked Archaeologist
Bookstore/coffeehouse proprietor
Park ranger
Shakespearean actor
Lounge singer

11 Jobs I Will Never Take, Even If I Were Qualified

Pool boy
Country music singer
Belly dancer
Personal trainer
Cliff diver
Septic tank cleaning

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  1. 'Oh Star Waaars! Nothing but Star Waaars! Give me those Star Waaars!'