In Praise of Talented People

I'm so blessed to work with such talented people at Cobblestone Community Church, among them my fellow staff members. Yesterday in staff meeting we took some time to brainstorm a flyer that will be placed in 3,400 first-year Miami student orientation bags distributed by the Oxford Chamber of Commerce. Our youth pastor, Andrew Holzworth, had come up with a few designs. We knew we wanted something with at least some appeal to an 18-year-old who may or may not have had any previous church experience (or who may be glad they're finally free of Mom and Dad and church!). Tough task.

But Andrew gave us a great place to start, and we tossed around a few ideas (no one liked any of my ideas...but I'm not bitter...much). And finally came up with this:

I like it. But it doesn't matter unless some of those Miami freshmen like it...enough to check us out. And we hope the offer of a free CD will help us gauge the flyer's effectiveness, by seeing how many are turned in.

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