Time Management for Church Leaders

Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian are the brains behind the "Only 4 Things Grow Churches" tour (discover more here). They recently wrote a fine blog post that starts out this way:
One of top questions we’ve heard during the Only Four Things Grow Churches tour has to do with the allocation of the pastor’s time. When we suggest that a pastor leading a church of under 450 needs to spend between 70 – 80 percent of their time networking with the unchurched, the grumbling becomes audible and the hands shoot up.
What am I supposed to stop doing?
How do I convince my board?
What about ________?
So, in a nutshell here are some of the things a pastor needs to let go of in order to implement their time reprioritization.
They go on to list six things, including "office hours" and "hospital visitation" (read the whole thing here). I think they're right, although in all my years as a pastor I only succeeded in one or two of the things they list (though I fought hard for them at times). See what you think.

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