The Popes' Library to Be Shared...With You!

This is a fascinating and exciting article that should be of interest to pastors, theologians, and pretty much anyone interested in the church and the Bible.

According to the piece, "one of the richest and most important collections of historical texts in the world will [soon] be available with a click of the mouse—and free." The article goes on to state:
The plan marks a revolution for an institution known as the Popes' Library, which houses more than 82,000 manuscripts, some dating back to the second century. Scholars must now submit a detailed request to gain access to the library, which sits within the Vatican walls. The most precious works of art, such as a 1,600-year old manuscript displaying Virgil's poems once studied by Raphael, have been mostly off-limits.
This is great news for lovers of the Good News...and for lovers of art, books, scholarship, church history, and more. Read the whole article here; it's worth it.


  1. Awesome. But what will Dan Brown be able to write about now?

  2. Ah, no worries there. No need for facts to get in the way of fiction.