Church of the Week: Bethel Community Church, Hamilton, OH

Yesterday I had the joy and privilege of visiting and preaching at Bethel Community Church in Hamilton, Ohio (just a few miles from our home). It is located at 2015 NW Washington Blvd., across from the Hamilton Freshman School and adjacent to the Berkeley Square retirement community.  
In the company of the lovely Robin (who makes up for my debilitating shyness), I preached on "Recovering Your Spiritual Vitality," from 2 Kings 6:1-7. We were warmly welcomed by the leaders and virtually everyone in the congregation, and felt right at home. The church is currently between pastors and clearly very missions conscious (they are preparing for a missions conference, in fact). Most importantly, from my lofty spiritual perspective, they served coffee and cupcakes after the worship service.  

It is always (well, almost always) a joy to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ and worship together with faithful followers of Jesus, and Bethel Community Church was no exception. 

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