A Little Bit of Judgment Can Kill a Lot of Gospel

Author and blogger Ed Cyzewski (from Columbus, Ohio...we should get together sometime, Ed!) recently wrote a marvelous post titled, "A Little Bit of Judgment Can Kill a Lot of Gospel" on his "In a Mirror Dimly" blog.

It starts out like this:
I used to wonder why talking about the gospel rarely turned out the way they explained it in the evangelism training videos.

I have since learned that I had a major problem that was undermining everything I was trying to say: I was judging people.

And here’s the thing, even a little bit of judgment can create a chasm between myself and another person. It establishes me as an authority with power to condemn the other person. And it inevitably creates a power struggle.
Read the whole thing (here). It is dead on, and well worth it.

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