Our Psychosis and Neurosis

I used to think the church's inability to understand the rapidly changing world in which we live was neurotic. I'm now convinced it's psychotic. But our psychotic alignment with the place we're in exists alongside a neurotic interpretation about our place in the world. It's one thing for people to rest serenely in the limbo of our psychosis and never realize the ragbag of changes taking place during our lifetime. The masses of people do that. But it's another thing to call yourself a leader and not "be there." It's another thing to call yourself a preacher and conduct worship that bears no discernible trace of the world you inhabit (Leonard Sweet, Jesus Drives Me Crazy!, p. 66-67).

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  1. There are many in the Pseudo-Christian world that would send out postcards proclaiming Grace in the name of Jesus Christ, saying, “wishing you were here” from a place they have never actually been themselves.