Accidental Pharisees

Larry Osborne's book, Accidental Pharisees, is a gift to the church. Everyone should read it. Especially those of us who don't think they need to.

The title (and the blood red of the cover) may turn off some readers, but it is an engaging, encouraging, and truly helpful read. It convincingly shows how pharisaism has wreaked havoc in the modern church, and how to avoid, resist, and reverse the spirit of pharisaism that is so prevalent and so destructive. He manages to tackle the subject with abundant humility, mercy, and grace, without pulling punches. He does so in seven sections:

  1. Accidental Pharisees: The Dark and Dangerous Side of Overzealous Faith
  2. Pride: When Comparison Becomes Arrogance
  3. Exclusivity: When Thinning the Herd Becomes More Important Than Expanding the Kingdom
  4. Legalism: When Sacrifice Crowds Out Mercy
  5. Idolizing the Past: When Idealism Distorts Reality
  6. The Quest for Uniformity: How Uniformity Destroys Unity
  7. Gift Projection: When My Calling Becomes Everyone Else's Calling

It is a joy to read, and a blessing to have read. And a crucial, timely message to all who desire to follow Jesus faithfully in this confusing and competitive day and age.

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