Church of the Week: St. Ann's Church, Hamilton, OH

I had the opportunity last week to attend a family funeral at St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church on Pleasant Avenue in Hamilton. It is a church I have passed many times, but have never been inside. 
St. Ann's parish was established in 1909. It began in the home of Mrs. Palidia Ruhl, which initially housed the church, a school, and the rectory. In 1936, the current structure was begun, and was used for the first time on Christmas Day, 1937. The church structure, of Indiana Limestone, was designed by Edward J. Schulte (1890-1975), a noted Cincinnati architect who also planned the remodeling of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains in downtown Cincinnati.
One of the distinct personal touches was the floor lamp (above), which stood not far from where I sat. I'd like to know the story, but I assume it is lovingly provided for a parishioner who needs better light in his or her accustomed seat. If so, I like it; it seems to be a mark of a caring and attentive community of faith. 

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