10 Mistakes Teaching Pastors Need to Avoid

I must say a loud and vehement "Amen" to this article, 10 Mistakes Teaching Pastors Need to Avoid, by Tony Morgan, one of my favorite speakers and bloggers.

I must, however, add one small proviso regarding his last item. I think most of the time Powerpoint (or whatever presentation software you're using) gets in the way, and a single title slide (or no slide at all) would be the better option. BUT I think that is only true IF and UNTIL we preachers (including myself) learn to harness the power of the visual, the power of image, to increase the impact of what we say. That DOESN'T mean putting main points or Scripture readings on the screen. I'm talking about a more cinematic approach to speaking and preaching. Not mere illustration but sensory cooperation. It might mean, oh, I don't know, maybe if I'm giving a message on inviting a fresh move of the Spirit into my life a moving image on the screen(s) of a breeze gently blowing through trees or across fields of grain. Or (as I did a few years ago), when I read/recite a portion of Scripture from the Gospel of John, the screen(s) play the corresponding live-action scene from the motion picture, The Gospel of John.

Other than that small qualification, I couldn't more heartily agree or endorse Tony's points in the article, "10 Mistakes Teaching Pastors Need to Avoid." Read the whole thing.

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