Church of the Week: Bright Christian Church, Bright, IN

I had occasion to visit Bright Christian Church (great name, eh?) last week. It is named for the community of Bright, Indiana (and you thought it was a reference to the people's sunny disposition!).

I was there to speak to a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group that meets there monthly, and I arrived early enough to wander around a bit and see some of the well-kept faciity.

The children's ministry wing was lively, available (I assumed) for children of MOPS.

As a fan of bulletin boards, I was interested in the well-organized display of various ministries. Unfortunately, some spots were sparse or--worse--blank, an unforgivable sin in my book (okay, so I'm a little bit of Bulletin-Board-Nazi, but COME ON, if you've got a bulletin board, put SOMETHING on it! At least make the effort to make it LOOK like someone's getting something done!). End-of-rant.

The MOPS meeting was super-well-organized, included an excellent carry-in breakfast, and took place in a small auditorium of a perfect size for the purpose.

Over the years I've heard many good things about this church, which claims about 1,000 worshipers a week drawn from all over its mostly rural surroundings. My visit last week did nothing but confirm those impressions.

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