Thoughts from a Recovering Pastor

Shaun King, on his blog Shaun In the City, recently posted an insightful post entitled, "7 Thoughts from a Recovering Pastor."

It starts like this:

From 1997-2011, I served 3 different churches in some pastoral or ministry role – including 3+ as Senior Pastor of Courageous Church in Atlanta. It chewed me up and spit me out. I’ve written about most of the highs and lows here on my blog. All things considered, I still love and believe in the church.

I admit, though, that I now only attend church occasionally, speak at churches rarely, and am still recovering and struggling to find my way in the contemporary church. I’m wide open to the possibility that the problem is me. This is not a post on how the church is ugly and I’m not.

I have a few rather random thoughts on the church that I want to share. While they do come from my own personal experiences, they each could transfer to your context.

He goes on to hit the proverbial nail on the pastoral head. Or vice versa. At any rate, go read the whole thing. It's worth it, whether you are a pastor, a church leader, a church member, or none of the above.

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