Church of the Week: Four Corners Community Church, West Chester, OH

The lovely Robin, our daughter Aubrey, and grandchildren Calleigh and Ryder and I had a great morning of worship yesterday at Four Corners Community Church in West Chester, Ohio (a northern suburb of Cincinnati).

We arrived in plenty of time for the second of their two Sunday morning services (9:15 and 11 a.m.), and were welcomed multiple times by folks throughout the atrium area. We found our way to the preschool area (at a different location than the above wing for older kids). We were greeted by a children's volunteer, who treated us graciously and shepherded us through the check-in process. Calleigh and Ryder were happy to join the other kids in their classrooms, and had a great time playing and learning.

Once the kids were checked in, we made our way to the coffee bar, and were again welcomed, and engaged in conversation.

Robin and I both noticed the giving kiosks, in a couple locations in the building.

We made it into the auditorium a few minutes before the start of worship. The music was good and loud, the way I like it, and the production values (lighting, smoke, presentation screens, etc.) were gratifyingly high. A favorite point of the service, for me, was the inclusion of a love song (since they were engaged in a marriage series called "Marriage Audibles"), "Come Away With Me," very ably played and sung by worship team member "Abby."

The message of the morning was in an interview format, on friendship in marriage, and was exceptionally well done. Great content, engaging throughout, and supported by Scripture. The service concluded with a baptism as the band led the song, "Oh, Happy Day."

After the service, we were not only glad to spend a little time chatting with our friends, Ryan and Jill Hartsock (who we knew called this church their home), but were also deeply honored to be greeted warmly and at length by lead pastor Ben Hodges.

We loved every minute. Four Corners is located at 7740 Service Center Dr., in West Chester, at the intersection of I-75 and Liberty Way.

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