What a Church Should Teach

Churches teach many things. Some intentionally, some unintentionally. In the course of a year, a church may teach on marriage, finances, controversial social issues, etc. Good stuff. But the really crucial things a church should teach its members is a much shorter list. Maybe something like this:

1. How to love
2. How to pray
3. How to repent
4. How to give
5. How to serve others
6. How to read and study the Bible
7. How to live justly
8. How to show mercy and grace
9. How to worship
10. How to forgive

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, the hell, fire, and brimstone messages continue to roll off the tongues of many, many pastors all over the world. It's what keeps folks in the pews and money in the offering buckets. If only we COULD be more like Jesus. I agree.