A Shocking Book

Justin Lee's book, Torn (Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate) is a shocking book. It was written by a young man who loves Jesus Christ and is also gay.

But that's not why it is shocking.

It shocks me that the author, who realized in his teens that he was gay, long after he had committed his life unreservedly to following Jesus, can write so honestly of some of the treatment he's received from Christians without sounding angry or bitter. The grace with which he writes is an example of the grace Jesus gives.

It shocks me because Lee handles the Scriptures with a maturity, vulnerability, and sophistication that many older, more "educated" students and teachers of the Word could learn from.

It shocks me because of the equanimity and magnanimity (and probably other imities) with which the author treats those with differing views--and whose views are likely to remain opposed to his.

It shocks me because its Christlike honesty, sincerity, and tone are long overdue, and give this book the potential to bless not only many individuals, but the whole church as well.

If we will listen.


  1. Sounds like a must-read to me, Hoss. Thanks for your sensitive review!

  2. Just read it. It is a great read. It is graceful. Even if we disagree theologically, we don't need to resort to name calling and hateful attitudes. You are right. It has great potential to bless the church.