Church of the Week: Redeemer Fellowship Church, Bardstown, KY

The lovely Robin and I, while on prayer retreat this past weekend, sought out Redeemer Fellowship Church in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Redeemer is a fairly new church, that has also planted a new, separate church in the same facility. Redeemer meets on Sunday mornings and the newer church, Grace Fellowship Church, meets on Sunday evenings. The two churches have their own pastors and separate elders and members--but share a facility.

We entered into a spare entryway and helped ourselves to coffee and hot chocolate. We were quickly recognized as visitors and welcomed repeatedly and sincerely by several folks, including the pastor, a young transplant from Scotland.

A five-piece band led worship singing, interspersed with Scripture and communion (four communion tables were set up around the perimeter).

Matthew spoke for roughly 45 minutes (the service lasted 90 minutes, of which we were told by one of the folks who welcomed us). His text was Matthew 18:15-20. I only wish he had let his Scottish brogue have full rein.

We had a great time among a friendly group, and found their approach intriguing. The church's website is

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