16 Books That Molded Me

I have read at least 1,750 books in my lifetime. Probably more, but that is the number
I have recorded as having read at least once. I've written elsewhere on this blog about my reading habits (here, here, and here, among others). Many of those books have had an impact on me; some, I could even say, have molded me. Here are sixteen that have had an inestimable effect on my life and habits:

Heart Talks on Holiness, The Renewed Mind, and The Cost of Discipleship (molded my early spiritual life)

Mere Christianity and Evidence That Demands a Verdict (molded my early thinking as a Christ follower)

Mr. Jones, Meet the Master and Biblical Preaching (molded my preaching)

Hand Me Another Brick and Spiritual Leadership (molded my leadership)

With Christ in the School of Prayer and The Divine Hours (3 vol.) (molded my praying)

Managing Your Time and Keeping the Sabbath Wholly (molded my rhythms)

User-Friendly Churches, Postmodern Pilgrims, and The Contemplative Pastor (molded my pastoring)

As I look back over the list, I realize that some of those affected more than one area. And, of course, some were formative, while others were influential much later. But all, in one way or another, have had a substantive effect on me, my life, and my ministry. And, while I could easily list another sixteen or more, these stand out.

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