Setting Boundaries with Difficult People

I've just received an advance copy of my friend Allison Bottke's newest book, Setting Boundaries with Difficult People, and I just couldn't wait to recommend it to the readers of the Desperate Pastor Blog.

Allison's "Setting Boundaries" series, and its helpful steps to restoring SANITY to our lives, is a Godsend. Literally. I've already mentioned (here) on this blog that her Setting Boundaries with Adult Children is a book I buy multiple copies of to give away. It's that helpful, and the need for it is that widespread.

I think the same is true of Setting Boundaries with Difficult People. EVERYBODY deals with difficult people. Angry people. Unhappy people. Demanding, cynical, critical people. And the more such people populate (and perhaps pollute) your life, the more Allison's book can help you preserve--or restore--your sanity.

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