Church of the Week: Two Cincinnati Churches

The church of the week today is actually two churches. And neither is the actual church, but a replica found in this year's lovely holiday floral show at Krohn Conservatory, "Trains, Trestles, and Traditions."

Above is the historic Salem United Church of Christ, located on Sycamore Street in the Over-the-Rhine area of Cincinnati. It was built in 1867. To the left is the Mount Adams Incline, which no longer exists. But the church does, and still operates in its historic location, also hosting the Know Theater of Cincinnati.

The other church featured in the display is the Church of the Immaculata, or Immaculata Church, a Roman Catholic church atop Mt. Adams. Located at 30 Guido Street, it allows a breathtaking view of the Ohio River below from one of the highest points in Cincinnati. It was built in 1859, and since 1860 has served as a pilgrimage church, where on Good Friday the faithful ascend eighty-five steps (many on their knees) to the church's front door from the neighborhood below while praying the Rosary.

These are two great selections (among many that could have been included) of historic churches that are part of Cincinnati's rich tradition.

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