Jordan River Anthology

A number of years ago, I got to thinking about all the people--unmentioned or unnamed in the Bible--who must have crossed paths with Jesus during his earthly life of thirty-three years or so. The midwife who helped deliver him on that first Christmas night. The census taker in Bethlehem. A childhood sweetheart, maybe. A cousin. The village gossip. Judas's mother. Peter's mother-in-law. And more.

So I started writing short poems, in the manner of Edgar Lee Masters's wonderful Spoon River Anthology, to give voice to those people. To imagine what they might have seen, how they might have reacted to Y'shua of Nazareth who is now worshiped around the world as Savior and Lord. I've since collected ninety-three of those poems into a collection I call, Jordan River Anthology that is now newly available as an ebook (here).

Here's one of them, entitled, "A Servant at Cana":
The Servant at Cana
With my own eyes I saw,
Or I would not believe.
When the wine ran out,
At his direction,
We filled the vessels,
Thirty gallons each,
With water.

I lowered the ladle
(Again at his word)
Into the brimming liquid
And momently
The ruby smell
Of rich wine
Reached my senses.

I bore the once-water
To the master of the feast
And watched,
As he and the guests
Drank ignorantly
Of water turned to wine.

And I thought,
If he can do that with water,
What might he do with me?
I'd love it if you'd check out Jordan River Anthology. I'd love it even more if you buy it; it's only 99 cents, and it can be read on an eReader (such as iPad or Kindle) or on a computer! And I'd love it, too, if you'd share it with your friends and family, on Twitter, Facebook, email, and even in actual conversation.

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