Unexpected Church, Luxor, Egypt

With the heartbreaking and disconcerting turmoil going on in Egypt (please join me in praying for them), I thought I'd make this week's church of the week an unexpected--and quite unusual--church in that amazing and memorable country.

The lovely Robin and I were in Luxor, Egypt, around this time last year, and while visiting the magnificent ruins of Egyptian civilization there, we came to learn that we were also, at one point, visiting the site of an ancient Christian church.

In the temple's hypostyle hall (below) can be seen the visual evidence of the fourth-century Christian church on the walls and on six columns. The remains of the apse of that church are still discernible today, and the remains of another Coptic church can be seen to the west.

The colorful frieze of Christian saints is remarkably preserved after 1,700 years! There, amid the pagan idols of ancient Egypt, stands a witness still today of a band of Christ-followers who once worshiped in that place. It was a short but holy moment in our visit to Luxor.

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