Church of the Week: College Hill Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati

College Hill Presbyterian Church in (you guessed it) College Hill in Cincinnati is an active church with a venerable history.

William Cary, a New England Presbyterian, moved to the area in the mid-nineteenth century and soon established the Farmer’s College (1847) and the Ohio Female College (1849), which prompted the village to change its name from Pleasant Hill to College Hill.

Then, on the 23rd of April, 1853, "thirty-three persons resolved and covenanted to organize and to walk according to the rules and ordinances of the Presbyterian Church and adopted the name of First Presbyterian Church of College Hill.”

The colleges both folded during the Civil War years, but the church remained. The current edifice was completed in 1953, and has been added to several times over the years.

The lovely Robin and I have been here many times, for Sunday worship, for weddings, and for other events. It is located on Hamilton Avenue, just south of North Bend Rd., in College Hill.

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