Paralyzing Progression

From the blog of Jason Curlee, a church planter and Campus Pastor for Bay Area Fellowship in Corpus Christi, Texas:
Far often than not many churches “want” to do great things, have a lot of “good” ideas”, are praying and planning for what they’d like to do but in their quest and desire to progress often churches end up paralyzing their progression.

In their book Know Can Do! authors Ken Blanchard, Dick Ruhe, and the late Paul Meyer, identify three reasons why people don’t put more of their good ideas into practice.
Too much knowledge
Too much negativity
Bad habits
To overcome these paralyzing stoppers, the authors recommend three strategies—a “less is more” approach, positive—instead of negative filtering, and spaced repetition with active coaching.

If your church wants to break through the paralysis:
Less Is More – I know that this may totally go counter culture to your church but why not do a little less planning, less thinking, less working it out before you go and JUST DO IT!!!!! At the time of this writing at Bay Area Fellowship we launched FOUR sites in less than 18 months. We haven’t “figured it all out”, we didn’t have long detailed out plans, we didn’t have it all down in manuals and spread sheets…Less is More has enabled us to go and do.

Avoid Negative Voices – We strive to not listen to those that say it can’t be done, we’re not ready or why are we doing this. We put those negative voices behind us and listen to the “One” that says all things are possible.

Repetitious Progression – Go and do it…evaluate…adjust…and do it again. No matter how much you plan, think or work out, you will go through the growing pains anyway, so why not go through them with while you are doing it.
You will never have it all figured out anyway so why not just drop the excuses, go put your ideas into motion and grow along the journey.

What has been paralyzing you?

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