An Invitation to a Fresh Start

Doug Fields is a fine communicator. He'd have to be to have succeeded in youth ministry for many years, as he did. And he has to be in order to serve the gigantic Saddleback Church (25,000 members) as a teaching pastor.

That communication skill comes across in his newest book, Fresh Start, which gives readers an invitation to become unstuck from whatever has them stuck. In an utterly accessible way, he guides readers through the various causes of their "stuckness," such as pride, discouragement, guilt, conflict, rejection, anger, and loneliness. And he does so with an affecting, self-deprecating sense of humor that is only occasionally distracting.

His approach to resolving conflict was perhaps most memorable and helpful (defined by "Ouch!--What?--Who?--What?"), and likewise the chapter on discouragement, which should help any reader learn from and limit discouragement. His solutions are simple but not simplistic, unceasingly Biblical, and appropriate for a wide spectrum of readers, from young to old and spiritually seeking to spiritually mature. Fresh Start also includes a "Journal and Small Group Guide" in the back, which will help readers think longer and delve deeper into the book's content.

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  1. This sounds great! Will suggest it to my small group as a potential subject. Thanks for the suggestion