A Prayer Milestone

For decades as a pastor, I worked hard and long and spent myself over and over again in the service of God and his people. In that respect, I was like most of the other pastors I knew.

And also, like most of the other pastors I knew, I advocated prayer, preached on prayer, and taught prayer, while knowing full well that my prayer life was no model. Though that eventually changed, I know what it's like to live with that contradiction.

So this would be a shameless plug if it weren't for that. I recently posted the three thousandth prayer on my daily prayer blog, One Prayer a Day. Whether or not you're as desperate as I have been as pastor, it could be a helpful resource to you. Simply subscribe to it via email or your blog reader (or add it to your browser's bookmarks) and every morning you'll have at least one prayer to start the day.

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