Simple Sermon Outline: When You're Tired of Trying

Here is yet another "Simple Sermon Outline" that comes from a series a few years back entitled "God's iPod." One of the things I really enjoyed throughout this series was that I asked our super-talented worship band to incorporate a song that might be on worshipers' iPods into the message each week. So, for example, on this particular weekend, to accompany "When You're Tired of Trying" (below), the worship band sang, "The Climb," by Miley Cyrus (those were the days). The previous week, when the message was, "When You're Losing Your Grip," they sang "Broken," by Lifehouse. I think those familiar, more-or-less-current songs really helped folks connect with the point of each message.

So here is the outline for "When You're Tired of Trying." It is intended for the hardworking pastor who takes seriously the task of study and preaching but is sometimes up against a wall and fresh out of ideas. Like the other outlines in this series of posts, this one is simple and sparse, in the hope that it will ignite (not replace) the process of prayer, study, and creativity.
When You're Tired of Trying
Psalm 13
When you feel like you're losing your grip...
1. Trust in God's unfailing love (Psalm 13:5a) 
2. Rejoice in your salvation (Psalm 13:5b) 
3. Sing to the Lord (Psalm 13:6)  
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