Simple Sermon Outline: Free Indeed

Here comes another "Simple Sermon Outline" here on the Desperate Pastor blog, for the hardworking pastor who takes seriously the task of breaking the Bread of Life to God's people but is sometimes up against a wall and fresh out of ideas. This week's outline, like the rest, is simple and sparse, in the hope that it will ignite (not replace) the process of prayer, study, and creativity.

Today's outline is appropriate for a Fourth of July weekend, if you're among our readers in the U.S....even if you're not.
Free Indeed
John 8:31-36

All who sin are slaves to sin (v. 34)
Sin enslaves
Sin distorts
Sin disfigures
Illustration: The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Son can set you free (v. 36)
Free from sin (Romans 8:2, 1 Corinthians 15:56)
Free from death (Romans 8:2, 1 Corinthians 15:56)
Free from the law (Romans 8:2, 1 Corinthians 15:56)
Live as one who is "free indeed" (v. 36)
Live for God (Galatians 2:19)
Live by faith (Galatians 2:20)
Live in grace (Galatians 2:21)
Conclusion: "So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free" (Galatians 5:1, NLT).

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