The Pastor's Desk (Episode 19)

The pastor's desk above is that of Tom Brown, pastor at Gallant First Baptist Church in Gallant, Alabama (which is better than being a pastor in Goofus, Alabama...a quip that only former readers of Highlights Magazine will get). Tom says, "This is the normal 'mess' on my desk at any given time. I normally clean up about every two months. Believe it or not...I can normally find 'stuff' on my desk!" Well, yes, Pastor Tom; "stuff" seems to be all over the place. But you didn't say you can find specific stuff, now, did you?

(If you would like to participate in this recurring feature, submit a single photo of a pastor's study, office, or desk (but no tidying up before taking the picture) to, along with a short description identifying to whom it belongs)

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