Church of the Week: Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, San Juan, PR

The sun was setting a few weeks ago as the lovely Robin and I walked by the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on (appropriately enough) Calle del Cristo in the heart of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was not a planned stop on our whirlwind walking tour of Old San Juan, but I let the rest of our tiny group keep walking while I stopped for a few quick photos.
I ducked inside, and boy, am I glad I did. The cathedral is considered one of the most important landmarks on the island of Puerto Rico. The original construction of straw and wood began in 1521, and (due to storms and fires) was repeatedly rebuilt over the years. The current structure, which dates to 1584, blends Gothic and neoclassical architecture. It has been the final resting place of Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León since 1836, when his remains were transferred here from the nearby San Jose Church.

The cathedral is considered to be the second oldest church in the Americas.

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