The Mercy Prayer

It is more often called "The Jesus Prayer."

"Lord Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me, a sinner." Or, simply, "Lord, have mercy."

Author and pastor Robert Gelinas calls it the most common prayer in the Bible and "the one prayer Jesus always answers."

Interested as I am in prayer--and rewarded some years ago by the reading of the classic, The Way of a Pilgrim, the anonymous tale of a nineteenth-century Russian peasant's quest for the secret of constant prayer (in which the Jesus prayer is central)--I eagerly anticipated The Mercy Prayer, a new volume from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

In eight accessible chapters, Gelinas explores the subject of God’s mercy as the foundation of The Mercy Prayer, offering a readable and practical guide not so much for praying (as I expected), but for receiving the mercy we all need and letting it flow from us into the lives of others.

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