Plastic Donuts

It is a strange title, but the meaning of Plastic Donuts becomes clear early in the first chapter as author Jeff Anderson tells of the plastic donut his toddler daughter presented to him--and the joy she experienced when he made much of her gift. Her joy brought him joy.

That, Anderson says, is how God wants us to give. And what we inwardly long to experience, though few people ever do.

Plastic Donuts (Giving That Delights the Heart of the Father) is a short book that is long on life-changing blessing. It offers a fresh perspective on "acceptable gifts." He doesn't get tangled up in rules and regulations, tithes and offerings, blessings and curses, sowing and reaping, and so on. He sheds new light on many Bible passages, however, and on some of our basic assumptions about giving (for example, he says the standard sentiment that "it's the heart that counts" is just wrong when it comes to giving).

Plastic Donuts may not answer all your questions about giving (as I said, it's a short book), but it will probably answer most. And, most importantly, it will give you answers that can change your heart and life, as they change how and why and what you give.

About the author: After a five-year career as an accountant, Jeff Anderson became a full-time daytrader. In 2003, he joined Crown Financial Ministries, eventually serving as Vice President, North America -- Generosity Initiatives. He is an elder in his home church, an active Bible teacher and financial mentor to many.

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