My 2013 Reading Plan

As I've posted about here and here, I have long made it a practice to devise a reading plan at the beginning of every year, to help guide my reading in the months to come (it usually turns out that half or more of my reading is spontaneous, so my plan is plenty flexible).

So, while the plan is always in process, here are some of the books I hope to get to in the course of 2013:

The Hiding Place (ten Boom)

A Man Called Peter (Marshall)
American Lion (Meacham)

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym (Poe)
Fathers and Sons (Turgenev)
The Rainbow (Lawrence)
Summer (Wharton)
Walden (Thoreau)
Silence (Endo)
Richard II (Shakespeare)

Every Writer Needs a Tribe (Goins)
The Virginia Woolf Writer’s Workshop (Jones)

Winston’s War (Dobbs)
A Daughter’s Tale (Spencer-Churchill)
Hitler’s Pre-emptive War (Lunde)

New authors:
Possession (Byatt)
The Corrections (Franzen)
A Soldier of the Great War (Helprin)
I, Elizabeth (Miles)
One for Sorrow (Reed/Mayer)
Surfeit of Lampreys (Ngaio Marsh)
False Scent (Ngaio Marsh)
Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter (Franklin)
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (Clarke)
Killing Floor (Child)
Die Trying (Child)

Biblical Fiction:
Havah (Lee)
Sarai (Smith)
Love Amid the Ashes (Andrews)
Michal (Smith)

A Poem a Day (McCosker/Albery)
Writing the River (Shaw)
A Thousand Mornings (Oliver)
The Mad Farmer Poems (Berry)

Conagher (L’Amour)
Down the Long Hills (L’Amour)
The Me I Want to Be (Ortberg)
Soul Salsa (Sweet)
Soul Tsunami (Sweet)

Glorious Mess (Howerton)
The Furious Longing of God (Manning)
The Naked Life (Banks)
The Power of a Whisper (Hybels)
The Challenge of Jesus (Wright)
Just Think (Nordenson)
Seeing the Unseen (Hunt)

Church & Leadership:
Messy Church (Parsley)
You Lost Me (Kinnaman)

Related books (to be read in order):
Hitler’s Pre-emptive War (Lunde)
Winston’s War (Dobbs)
A Daughter’s Tale (Spencer-Churchill)
Blackout (Lawton)
Something Rotten (Fforde)
Gertrude & Claudius (Updike)

Abundant Living (Jones)
The Next Chapter After the Last (Tozer)
Introduction to the Devout Life (de Sales)

Ghostwriter (Thrasher)

Books about books:
For the Love of Books (Shwartz)
My Reading Life (Conroy)

84 Charing Cross Road (Hanff)
The Last Dickens (Pearl)
11/22/63 (King)
Libra (DeLillo)
The Foolish Dictionary (Wurdz)
Jayber Crow (Berry)

A Soldier of the Great War (Helprin)
11/22/63 (King)

That’s 66 (some are listed more than twice because they fit multiple categories)…probably a bit too inflated, considering it's more than half my total of 127 books read in 2012--a total which included 34 children's books, which of course are shorter than most other books I read). But there are just so many books...and so little time.

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