Church of the Week: Crossroads Community Church, Florence, KY

The lovely Robin and I seized the opportunity last evening to worship with our daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren in Florence, Kentucky, at one of the three locations of the multi-site Crossroads Community Church.

We entered the expansive and inviting atrium (which has a cool fireplace at one end), and were quickly welcomed by several different people.

Large, well-placed signage made it easy to find our way around.

The check-in process for our grandchildren went smoothly and they had no reservations about joining other children in their well-staffed and fun-looking classrooms.

The worship, led by a friend of the family, was well done (if a little short--only two songs), and thematically appropriate.

The message of the evening, delivered onscreen via a recording of teaching pastor Chuck Mingo from the mainstage at Oakley Crossroads, was engaging and effective, the second in a series on the history and mission of the church, titled "Saints & Scoundrels." The use of a large central screen to supplement the two side screens made the experience every bit as immediate and personal as if the speaker had been present in the room.

Crossroads Florence is located at 828 Heights Blvd., near the Florence Mall, y'all (that's a local reference, a tiny inside joke for those who know the area).

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