Splendor of God

Every year I plan to read at least a couple biographies (read more about my annual reading plan here). One of this year's choices is Splendor of God, a 1929 effort by Honore Willsie Morrow.

It is actually a "biographical novel," though well-sourced (a "partial list" of thirty-nine sources appears in the back of the book). It traces the missionary efforts of Adonirum Judson, the father of Christian missions to Burma.

It is a fascinating and rewarding account, not only of Judson's life, but also of the strange Burmese culture, the mercurial Burmese king, the first Burmese converts, and the many brave men and women who went to Burma in the early 1800s to help Judson in his efforts. It is also engaging in its depiction of Judson as a faltering, often stumbling man of faith, to whom others looked up as a hero...but who struggled mightily to find the God he preached.

My copy of the book was given to me by a friend, in a box with many other books. I doubt that I would have found it otherwise. And I'm glad I did.

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