Jesus Killed My Church

I really liked Randy Bohlender's book, Jesus Killed My Church. And it wasn't just because I consider the author a friend. Neither was it only that there seemed to be so many correspondences between his journey and mine (group home parent, starting ministry in denominational churches, church planting, in the Cincinnati area, encountering and benefiting greatly from the Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, becoming friends with and being coached by Steve Sjogren, etc.). It was also because it was thoroughly interesting, honest, and helpful.

Bohlender tells the story of the many twists and turns his and his wife's life of ministry has taken. He tells it honestly and with a self-deprecating humor that makes it an easy and entertaining read (I read it in under 24 hours). I especially enjoyed his account of attending Burning Man and its effects on his life and ministry, and the tale of the drunk Santa who showed up for Christmas Eve service. I read portions to my wife and daughter. And I identified intensely with him at almost every step of his quest, especially when he writes, "There is a kiss from God for those who recklessly throw themselves at Him."

I hope you'll buy and read Jesus Killed My Church. And I would love it if through it you'd learn--or have confirmed--what Randy Bohlender is saying. I did.

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