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My son asked me to send him a list of the podcasts I listen to regularly. So I did. And then I thought I'd share them on this blog as well. Here's what I wrote:
You asked me to send you the podcasts I listen to. I've listened to a lot over the years, from Artisan Church (artisanchurch.com/media) to LifeChurch and the Orchard, to David Foster and Bill Johnson, to Andy Stanley's Leadership Podcast. But the ones that have been fairly constant for me are the following:

Morning Prayer from the Episcopal Church in Garrett County
You know I pray morning and evening, of course. But every Sunday--and often at other times, like when I have to be in the car early, etc.--I pray along with this "Book of Common Prayer" daily podcast. Each one is between 15 and 17 minutes long.

Daily Audio Bible
This podcast gives daily Bible readings in 25 or 30 minute segments, in a Bible-in-a-year rotation. It's a great way to read (hear) the Bible on a daily basis. There is also an app as well as other varieties (like for kids, etc.)

Mars Hill Bible Church
I've always appreciated Rob Bell's preaching, and though he is leaving Mars Hill now, Shane Hipps, who is taking over for him, is also a great preacher and teacher.

Mosaic Church
Erwin McManus is another of my favorite preachers. I love how he approaches topics.

National Community Church
Mark Batterson is among my favorite writers and his "In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day" is one of my favorite books. He and the other speakers at NCC are excellent.

These are the ones I've come to rely on, daily or weekly. I also love to watch T.D. Jakes preach, which I do almost every week. And I always have at least one audiobook going on my iPhone, by which means I manage to listen to ten or twelve books a year.

I've provided the web links to each of the podcasts above, but subscribed to them all in iTunes, of course.

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