Top Ten Christian Halloween Costumes

This week's top ten list is the Top Ten Christian Halloween Costumes:

10. Wear a giant fish costume, and carry a loaf of bread and a calculator. Go as the multiplying loaves and fishes.
9. Go as the back end of Balaam's donkey
8. Dress up as a pair of gnashing teeth, and play a continuous tape of nails scratching on a chalkboard. Call it "Hell."
7. Wear a wedding dress and zombie make-up. When they open the door say, "Church, it's not just for weddings and funerals anymore."
6. Ring the doorbell and run away, leaving a pair of sneakers and a treat bag with the sign "sorry, got raptured."
5. Go as a python with a squashed head.
4. Go as the front end of Balaam's donkey
3. Dress as a yellow and black striped leaf. Ask people if they Beeleaf in Jesus.
2. Hide in a big basket with a miner's light on your head. When they open the door, be the light that will not be hid under the bushel.

And the number one Christian Halloween Costume:

1. Wear a name-tag with the name "Walter" and tie a wok to your head as a hat. "If you keep your eyes on Jesus you can Wok on Walter."

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