Help for Churches in Small Towns

Here's a post that interested me from Ron Edmondson's excellent blog. It's a conference designed specifically for churches that minister in small towns:

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to hang out with Artie Davis. I knew Artie from online, but had never met him personally. Artie is one of those people who invests in everyone he meets. I instantly felt love and warmth from Artie and I believe we have started a long-term friendship as pastors.

I was especially interested in a couple projects Artie has going. One in particular is The Sticks Conference. I had seen Tweets of this conference, but really didn’t completely understand it until we talked. Knowing the vision of this conference, I want to make sure my readers know about it. If you are doing church in a small town…pay attention!

Here’s a conversation I had with Artie Davis about The Sticks Conference:

What is The Sticks Conference?

It is a gathering “movement” committed to bringing leaders and pastors together that do ministry in smaller towns. The Sticks Conference is the national gathering where these incredible, unsung hero’s have open access to other leaders and the opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of the other small community leaders.

Are there special considerations for churches in smaller communities to consider?

Absolutely! Unlike larger metropolitan areas, every smaller community has it’s own “culture.” There are truly as unique as DNA. No two are the same. Some principles can be transferred, but methodology must be relevant to that communities uniqueness.

Who should attend this conference?

Every leader, pastor, minister, lay leader, church planters & wanna be leaders who have a heart to reach their town for Jesus!

When and where is it and how does someone register?

It’s November 9-10 at Cornerstone Community Church. You can get more details at

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