Sunday Night Rejoicings

We sang this morning the words, "Oh, what a glorious day!" Couldn't be more true. Though it was raining when I drove to The Loft this morning (about 8 a.m.), I had been praying (and others had, as well) for God to bless our Baptism and Barbecue with a window of clear skies and good weather. That prayer and others were more than answered.

We had a glorious worship hour in the auditorium this morning, punctuated by Pastor John's excellent message, "The Last Word on Witness" and the celebration of communion. I loved the correspondence between John eating the little scroll in Revelation 10 and our celebration of communion.

After worship, we headed out to the pond at The Loft for our first ever baptism celebration on our property. Sixteen people testified to new life in Christ with the sacrament of baptism! Congratulations Dakota, Seth, Janet, Chanelle, Rebecca, Caitlin, Will, Chaz, Mackenzie, Zachary, Laura, Aislyn, Sandi, Allen, Lauren, and Susan! What a privilege to share those moments of witness with you all! You enacted the very thing John Johnson was talking about in his message this morning.

After the baptisms, we gathered in the atrium and on the deck of The Loft for the barbecue part of the day's celebrations. Tony and Cindi Daddabbo did a great job preparing the food service for the day, and the lovely Robin helped everything run so smoothly. Rob Humphrey and Sam Combs grilled the meat, and everyone just pitched in beautifully with the delectable combination of food and fellowship! Thank you to all for participating!

The day just couldn't have been more fun, I don't think. God provided a beautiful day, weather-wise; the seating on the deck was even pleasant, unlike the oppressive atmosphere of the past couple weeks!

After the Baptism and Barbecue, the lovely Robin and I were blessed to have friends from England and Cincinnati visit The Loft to share laughs and renew fellowship. It was soooo good to see them all again!

And now, in about an hour, we'll be enjoying "The Third," an hour of worship that has gotten better every single week--and not just because Andrew has been traveling a lot lately, but because--well, because. It's such a blessing to serve with such people. And tonight, ANOTHER old friend will be bringing the message: Mark Killian, who left us in the dust here at Cobblestone to pursue wealth, fame, and married life in the big city. But we still love him, because Jesus tells us to.

Oh, what a glorious day.

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