Fly Like an Eagle

Learning To Soar: How to Grow Through Transitions and Trials, a 2009 book by grandfather and grandson Avery T. Willis Jr. and Matt Willis, expands on the oft-used Biblical imagery of God as an eagle to trace how God dealt with ancient Israel and how he deals with us.

The four sections convey an outline of the book's message and value:
PART ONE: God Stirs Your Nest
PART TWO: God Hovers Over You
PART THREE: Try Your Wings
PART FOUR: Soar With God
The parallels with eagles and their behaviors gave fascinating insight into God's treatment of us, and the authors' missionary and ministry backgrounds offered frequent and effective illustrations. The book is practical, insightful, and thoroughly Biblical.

Learning to Soar will speak to people at varying points in their lives. If you're a college student, it will equip you for change. If you're a parent, you will identify with and learn from its depiction of God's parenting of his children. If you're in ministry, it will help you navigate the challenges you face on a daily basis. And no matter what your situation, it will provide you with a new understanding of confusing, challenging, even dark times you've endured....and may prepare you for the next.

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This book was provided for review by the publisher, NavPress.

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