My Ten Best Books in 2014

It is time once again to post the ten best books I read in 2014. I have done this in past years here on the Desperate Pastor (see 20132012, 2011, 2010, and 2009) so this should not come as a great surprise.

Rather than trying to rank them from 1-10 (which would take much too much wisdom...or effort...or both), I will post them here in the order in which I read them:

Year of Wonders (Geraldine Brooks)

Bootstrapper (Mardi Jo Link)

The Mad Farmer Poems (Wendell Berry)

The Well-Played Life (Leonard Sweet)

Money Secrets of the Amish (Lorilee Craker)

Boone (Robert Morgan)

One Summer: America 1927 (Bill Bryson)

The Memory of Old Jack (Wendell Berry)

Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)

Let's see, that amounts to two biographies, one memoir, two novels (one a historical novel), one history, one poetry, and three nonfiction. And those had to be whittled down from a hundred books read in 2014, and nineteen I had starred as "favorites" throughout the year. 


  1. How many hours do you read a day?

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