The Pastor's Desk (Episode 24)

The pastor's desk pictured below belongs to Kevin Levellie, pastor of Nevins Christian Church in Paris, Illinois.

His wife, my friend and fellow author Jeanette Levellie (author of Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top) supplied the photo, noting that Kevin's photo of Elvis is much larger than the photo of Kevin and his wife. Hmmmm. Not judging. Just saying, hmmmm.

(If you would like to participate in this recurring feature on the Desperate Pastor blog, submit a single photo of a pastor's study, office, or desk--but no tidying up before taking the picture, mind you--to, along with a short description identifying to whom it belongs)


  1. Hey, Bob. I guess I forgot to mention that Kevin has photos of my all over the house, to make up for having Elvis on his desk! But now our sheep know why he mentions Elvis so often in his sermons...

    1. I think it's awesome, Jeanette!