Church of the Week: San Juan Corps, San Juan, PR

Last Sunday morning, the lovely Robin and I were thrilled by our worship experience at the San Juan Central Corps of The Salvation Army in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We visited this lively group of Salvationists in the company of my brother Don and his wife, Arvilla, with whom we had ministered a few days earlier in Humacao, Puerto Rico.
The San Juan corps has recently occupied a new location and the chapel of their facility is stunning. State-of-the-art projection and amplification, as well as a roomy balcony, comfortable theater seating, and gorgeous wood decor makes this auditorium a fine place to worship (and, as we learned later, an attractive venue for gatherings and events such as film festivals and arts conferences).
What a blessing it was as we entered the chapel to see a circle of a dozen or so soldiers and leaders of the church gathering in heartfelt prayer for the worship of the morning and the needs of their congregation and community.
A brass ensemble (with an all-female tuba section!) provided excellent preliminary music and accompaniment to some of the congregational singing (a top-notch ensemble of guitar, drums, keyboard, and vocalists led a soul-stirring worship set as well).
Corps officer (pastor) Major Linda Lopez passionately and effectively delivered the message of the morning (associate officer Lieutenant Zuleika Echevarria, who also provided leadership in the service, reacts). Robin and I even understood some of it, in spite of our deficient (non-existent, really) Spanish-language skills.

The worship of the morning concluded with a beautiful guitar-and-vocal rendition of Esperar En Ti (Jesus Adrian Romero) that moved me to tears (it always amazes me how the Holy Spirit still displays his power to speak in and through language barriers), followed by a benediction by Puerto Rico divisional commander Major Jorge Marzan, who so graciously hosted us for the morning. 

What a joy it was to worship with our brothers and sisters at San Juan Corps, and one I would love to repeat, any day.

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